Pizz-A-Thon Facilitator Guide and Experiment Materials

Begin With Starter Kit Containing Lesson Plans and Activity Options

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Curriculum Starter Kit and Facilitator Guide

Starter kit is available for $35 (plus shipping $15) = total of $50 to introduce k-12 curriculum containing the new National Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (AFNR) Standards.

Help organize a "workshop" for your community to train facilitators (teachers, leaders, FFA students or Lions Club) and receive free "Curriculum Starter Kits." Develop Program Support.

Pizz-A-Thon Kit Options Order Form

(Prices based on materials in inventory-costs higher when back ordered)

Teacher Startup Kit                                                                                     $50  ____

Lessons, Activities and one Plexiglas plant/root observation box           

Combined Teacher/Student Startup Kit (based on 20 students)          

For planning purposes 20 students (5/team) 4 boxes x $15=   $60

     Winning team of 5 students receive       5 t shirts x $15=     $75                          

     Winning team of 5 students receive 5 medallions x $8=       $40

      Teacher Startup Kit (lessons/activities 1 Plexiglas box) =    $25

                                                                                                                $200       ____

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The k-12 curriculum is excellent for a standalone program in elementary, middle school, high school agriculture or linking high school FFA to the younger students in the Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) or Partners in Active Learning (PALS) programs.Or as an environmental, leadership development program for your community civic organizations like the Ames Breakfast Lions Club.

*"Adapt for Your Community" and "Order Pizzathon Materials" (for individual materials/awards)

*The information will help us provide you the options that fit your program best. If you wish, based on the information on the two forms, an invoice will be prepared and emailed to you for payment (check to be made out to "Pizzathon Partners" and to be sent to Pizzathon Partners, 4001 Fletcher Blvd., Ames, IA 50010).

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