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New Pizza Co.



(Pizz-a-Thon with non-baking company building competition with broad range of ages)

Each team selects one member as team leader, a liaison responsible for communicating team decisions among other teams, a note-keeper to keep a journal and other members from the list of following careers: ___chef, ___researcher, ___scientist, ___grower, ___gardener, ___artist, ___business manager, ___photographer, ___journalist, ___sales-advertising-marketing, ___assist in planning the *awards ceremony. Teams may be combined.

             *Sponsor representatives will serve as the Company Board of Directors at the Awards Ceremony.

This version of Pizz-A-Thon can be completed in fewer days. Teams will develop recommendations for the company to consider and present their findings at the awards ceremony. Each team will use oral and visual communications in their presentation:

Agriculture Team -  Research and report on how agriculture plays a role in the pizza business.

Conservation Team – Experiment and demonstrate why it is important to use conservation practices to protect our top soil and prevent water pollution.

Career-Jobs “Soil to Slice” Team – Through oral and visual communications trace the ingredients of the “prize pizza” from soil to slice through processing, distribution, marketing and growing and the jobs available throughout the journey of the ingredients from soil to slice.

Research Team - Use surveys, Internet and interviews to determine the most popular pizza for the future. Based on names presented by all teams, arrive at the name of your “prize pizza.”

Dietary Team – Research and arrive at the recipe of the “prize pizza” and determine the nutrient and calorie estimate in a slice of the pizza. Research combination of tastes for example – someone determined that combined pineapple and ham had a desirable flavor-try taste combinations. Is there a balance of ingredients included in all the food groups?

Marketing Team – How will the “prize pizza” be marketed (business name, logos, place mats, jingles, Ads, commercials, billboards? Assist in raising funds (25%) percent profit.

Business Management Team – Price the “prize pizza” for a profit. Determine price if ingredients were purchased for one pizza as opposed to buying in volume. Determine some alternatives for using coupons and discounts.

Media Team – Assist in maintaining the web site writing news stories and taking photos to publicize team activities, accomplishments and awards ceremony.

Awards Ceremony Team – Assist each team in putting team findings into a company report for presentation to the *Company Board of Directors. Assist the marketing team in seeking funds for a community service project (salesmanship experience). Present on a foldout tabletop display.

Pizz-A-Thon Job Application For Team Creation                      (pre-post outcome report)

(A new pizza business will be created by teams-Do you want to apply for a position?)

The Pizz-A-Thon business will have jobs available for chefs, dieticians, researchers, scientists, growers, gardeners, artists, business managers, photographers, journalists, and advertising-marketing people. Team members may want to take leadership in these occupational areas: dieticians, researchers, scientists, growers and marketing

Name _____________________       What is your favorite pizza?___________________

Complete the following survey to be considered for helping to form a new company:

Place a 1, 2 and 3 next to your top three favorite jobs in the pizza industry (in order of choice):

___chef, ___researcher, ___scientist, ___grower, ___gardener, ___artist, ___business

manager, ___photographer, ___journalist, ___sales-advertising-marketing, ___assist in planning the awards ceremony

  1. Where do pizza ingredients come from?
  2. Trace one of the ingredients of your favorite pizzas to its origin:

Cheese to ____ to ____ to _____ to _____   

  1. What is your favorite subject area in school? ______ reading,   ______ math,

______science,   ______ art,  _______ health,  _______ speaking

  1. Do you think you can accomplish more working in a group or alone? _ group    _ alone 
  2. Would you prefer being a team leader? ___yes     ___no
  3. Cheese is made from products produced by __hogs, __cattle, __ plants
  4. Have you visited a farm?  Explain what you liked best if you have:
  5. Explain how a farm is associated with a mock pizza business?
  6. Explain the journey of ingredients on your pizza from slice to soil.
  7.   Half of the Earth’s soil is capable of growing food. ___yes, ___no
  8.  Why is it important to protect our soil and water resources?
  9.  Which would be the healthiest pizza ingredients?__ processed in a can or  __fresh garden
  10.  Sand is better than top soil for growing crops because water can flow through it easier. ___yes, ___no         Explain:
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