Developing FFA Leadership With Link to K-8

Linking High School With K-8 Youth Development and Recruiting For FFA

                    Mentoring Students on Meat Cuts For Their Team's Created Pizza

Pilot FFA Project

I am encouraging a few high school Ag teachers to help in testing the Pizz-A-Thon over a five year period. With a lot of experience over the 20 years with elementary and middle school children, the program is well tested with that age group. The program is now ideal for high school agriculture as we have the AFNR learning standards integrated. Over the next 5 years, we would like to test all versions of FFA, including SAE and PALS where FFA develops leadership in implementing the program.

I would appreciate your reviewing of the web site pages on Send a brief description of your thoughts on what would work best for you, outlining of how you could best adapt the program to fill your goals and objectives. Provide basic information by completing the form adapt for your community and order curriculum through order materials on the web site and click submit, Consider ordering a Curriculum Starter Kit (on side menu) to help adapt the program to your community educational goals. Also consider ordering a Pizz-A-Thon polo shirt to wear as you promote the program.

Start small and add to program based on interest.  You could implement the program strictly involving high school and FFA students and/or later involve middle school and or elementary in the SAE and PALS programs.

The program has been implemented to the greatest extent in 4th through 8th grade level students but allows excellent opportunities for k-12. It is an ideal program for: high school FFA students interested in the education field as a career, for "Ag in the Classroom" program (leadership through Farm Bureau) and for "after class" programs being implemented through the Ames Breakfast Lions Club in developing leaders for community service projects. A partnership of Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs), farm organizations and business is ideal (See Linn County A Model Program page a

The following steps in planning would be helpful  for "in school" as well as "after school" programs.

STEP ONE: Create FFA Pizz-A-Thon Advisory Committee

Select at least one elementary and or middle school teacher, the school principal, FFA representatives, parent, and one or more representatives of high potential sponsors including organizations, businesses and pizzerias. 

See FFA SAE Project and FFA Proposal for guidelines

STEP TWO: Determine Program Options (one, two or all three options)

SAE- one or more FFA members taking leadership for implementing the program at the elementary, middles school or high school levels

PALS, - one or more FFA students serving as mentors for individual elementary or middle school students

High School "mock pizza business"  - carry out the program in high school as a part of class activities

STEP THREE: Schedule Activities

Set a time schedule for independent individual and team research, interaction of mentors and mentees, leadership time of SAE project participants assisting lower grade teacher(s), and set a date for judging, competition, demonstration and awards ceremony.


This can provide FFA students and lower grade students an opportunity for business experience. It is excellent experience for FFA, especially SAE students to be involved in locating sponsors who will commit to an annual sponsorship fee, see sponsors .

Plan Awards Program

The culmination of activities through an "Awards Ceremony" is a major incentive for kids and an opportunity for visibility of sponsors. Sponsors serving as judges in the team pizza baking, marketing presentations and soil conservation experiments is ideal, allowing for media attention and visibility of sponsors. Kids love the medallions, ribbons and t shirts provided and paid for by sponsors.

Order Materials

Early on, plan to order the Plexiglass boxes for the soil and water conservation experiment (comparing the growth of plants in top soil vs. sand) and awards to be presented at the Awards Ceremony,

Media Attention is Important

Plan media support at the beginning. Again it is great experience for the kids at all levels to take leadership in their "mock pizza business" and gaining visibility and support for this creative program.



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