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Example of lessons and activities

Unit One: Soil –Where it Begins

Through experimenting, exploring, discovering and creating, kids appreciate the value of topsoil for food production. The force of the raindrop in causing erosion, leading to flooding and pollution is demonstrated "Water Conservation."

Unit Two: Create Your Pizza

Kids research and work as a team to create the best selling pizza for the future.

Kids discover the value of protecting topsoil from erosion.

Unit Three: Market Your Pizza

Individuals learn the value of participating in a team effort to develop a marketing strategy, with pizza and pizzeria names, logos, slogans, mottos, songs, gingles and commercials.  

Unit Four: Prepare For Competition or Demonstration

Teams prepare a 5 minute marketing presentation using visuals in communicating as they prepare to present their "prize pizzas" for judging.


  • Provide judges with sufficient scoring sheets with criteria for all teams.
  • Set up a table for judges to set behind and for samples of pizzas from each presenting team presented during their marketing reports. Once teams complete their judging they may watch the remainder of the competition or have another room designated for them to go to and if so have activities set up in that room so they are not just setting idle.

AWARDS CEREMONY is exciting! T shirts, medallions, ribbons, medals for kids who help generate funds for their projects.

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