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CREATIVE ENRICHMENT PROGRAM "learning through real life applications!"

INTRODUCTION (Research, Lessons & Activities)  K-12 (FFA linking to K-8) agriculture, art, science, natural resources and conservation education "using critical thinking in student centered learning" Pizz-A-Thon. K-8 versions of the program has been tested and developed over a 20 year period. 

Lessons/activities and materials allow for the amount of time you have available (a 3 hour workshop, one week or 4 months of activities-the curriculum is available).

See the side menu for topics of interest that will help you consider the program. 

"Kids Research" for a source of answers for kids-also could be considered for pre/post test.

"New Pizza Company"  for kids activity-selecting favorite position in their new company & pre/post test.

"Link to K-8 to FFA" Looking for a few FFA Chapters to test a new K-12 version of the program.

"Begin Planning" for tips on adapting the program to your community.

"Model Program" Credit given for schools and home school in Linn County for helping shape the program.

"Standards" *Agriculture Food Natural Resources (AFNR) added to Pizz-A-Thon.

"Lessons" An overview of Lessons and activities.

"Video" First Pizz-A-Thon held in 2001 at Iowa State University.

"Soil Experiment" The heart of the Pizz-A-Thon where kids explore and discover the value of soil conservation.

  • Click here to see video "Farming With Pete" by student- Evin Ersan interviewing a farmer, developing his communication skills and learning about modern agriculture. This is great for kids who research in tracing their slice of pizza to the soil.

*Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Standards (AFNR) authored by Elizabeth Sample, Graduate Student, Iowa State University. Liz presented the program to Ag teachers at the NAAE Meeting in New Orleans in November 2015. This is a new opportunity for FFA mentoring younger students in the Partnering in Active Learning (PALS) program in elementary and middle school.

Present Enrolled Programs: St. Ludmila School, Cedar Rapids; Echo Hill School, Marion; Home School, Marion; Alburnett Elementary and FFA (being planned); Glenview Middle School, East Moline; Black Hawk Area Education Center, East Moline; Boys & Girls Club of Story County; Ames STEM Summer Enrichment Program and Ames Boy Scouts (considering). Ames Breakfast Lions Club engages families and youth in the program. The program is ideal for Leo Lions Clubs and for integrating younger members into the organization's "community service" ethic. 

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