Lions Clubs and FFA Depend on Donations

Lions Clubs and FFA Empower Children "Learning to serve"

Help A Child


HELP CHILDREN - YOUR GIFT IS IMPORTANT: Funded by the money they collect, kids engage in community services, fund their school/club Pizz-A-Thon and carry out other Lions Club programs. Leo Lions empower our youth in "learning to serve." Kids "learning to serve" who participate will be asked to determine how 10% of program donations are used (charity or family in need).

Consider a tax deductible donation! Ames Breakfast Lions Club (charitable non profit), host to this youth development program relies on annual sponsorship fees and donations for program delivery.

Donations exceeding expenses for carrying out the Pizz-A-Thon fund the Ames Breakfast Lions to carry out the Lions high priority programs for children: 1. preschool eye exams to detect eye problems of children before they enter kindergarten, 2, assist diabetic children to attend Diabetes Camp, 3. support of leader dog puppies who receive a year of basic training at the State Correctional Center and finish at the Leader Dog School in Rochester, Michigan. See letter...owner of Angel (leader dog).

Pizz-A-Thon Goals
To teach kids where their food comes from, importance of soil conservation, introduce them to careers, work as a team in cooperative learning, discover self-worth and develop leadership through exploring, discovering and creating.

  • Send donation check to: Pizzathon Partnership, 4001 Fletcher Blvd., Ames, IA 50010 or Click on DONATE below for credit card payment.

 Ames Breakfast Lions Club appreciates the support given in developing the health, education and welfare of children!

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WE THANK DONORS LISTED BELOW! The most recent donation is from Meladee Angus

Pizz-A-Thon Donations: Meladee Angus, David Williams, Sylva Williams, Jeannie Weber, Eldon Weber

In 2015 through gifts to Boys & Girls Club-David Williams, Sylva Williams, Larry Wolters, Darlene Wolters, Donna Ennis, Harold Pike, Julie Pike, Jeannie Weber, Eldon Weber




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