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Is the program designed for a certain grade level?

The program has been implemented the most by 4th through 8th grade level students but allows opportunities for k-12. Email e1935w@aol.com for adaption of the program for other age groups.


What was the primary reason for creating the Pizz-A-Thon?

The author, Eldon Weber, was appalled at a survey conducted in Iowa indicating that our graduates didn't understand where their food came from or the economic impact agriculture had on the state and the midwest; or have an appreciation for the fact that our area is the breadbasket of the world.


What are the learning principles that make the Pizz-A-Thon popular with kids?

Kids have fun learning (special needs through talented & gifted), allowing for the creation of a product and demonstrating the value of cooperative learning, using teamwork.


What if our time in the classroom, or at club or troop meetings is limited? Is it flexible?

Educators have used the program for a one-time workshop, in the classroom for one week (average of one 45 minute activity per day), one month or one year (average of one 45 minute activity per week).


What is the most effective use of the program involving high school age students?

Older students can facilitate younger grade teachers or club or troop leaders in implementing the program. It is a great way to develop communications, management, organizational and educational skills.


The Pizz-A-Thon is used as student centered, independent, cooperative learning in what subject areas?

Social studies, language arts, art, science and Earth science, math and health, allowing for maximum team teaching.

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