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Teacher-Leader (Train the Trainer) Pizz-A-Thon Workshop

Apply for the grant ("Grant Package" on the side bar) to implement your own program.

A K-12 "real world learning" program centered around team management of a "mock pizza" business, makes learning school subjects in art, science, health, language arts and natural resources come to life!

Apply for "on line workshop," Contact Eldon Weber at for details.. 

Workshop Goals: Participants are furnished lesson plans and materials to use in implementing the program in their communities. Program options are very flexible (a one night or weekend "hands on" event in an"after school" program or a one to two month program "in k-12 school"). Conduct your own workshop with the "Curriculum Startup Kit".

July 7 Workshop in Ankeny, Iowa integrated the Pizz-A-Thon into Ag in the Classroom activities where participants were given an opportunity to develop new activities.  

Lessons developed by participating teachers will be shared with the teachers on the website throughout 2016-17.

You have an opportunity:    Participate in the "On Line” PIZZ-A-THON Workshop Adding to Science Standards

This is an Invitation for educators to join in adding new activities as we approach Year 2020. Help shape the educational program as a "state of the art" educational program as called for in the Iowa State University "Vision 2020" program in 1995. Email for joining an "On Line Workshop" in the effort to help shape the program for the future.

Help add research and experimenting to engage kids in “real world” learning!

Pizz-A-Thon Workshop


Introduction: Do kids know where their food comes from, understand agriculture is at the heart of the Midwest economy, know the many careers associated with the agriculture industry and understand the importance of protecting our soil/water resources?

They didn’t when the program was created in 1995 at Iowa State University, do they now?  Having assisted Soil Conservation Service and Districts in Iowa adopt the Envirothon 1983-1994, the idea came to me to design the Pizz-A-Thon similarly, based on team competition, providing “hands on” learning though experience.  The opportunity arose in 1995 through the Kellogg Foundation funding of the “ISU Vision 2020 Program.” Eldon Weber

Workshop Goals: Through “hands on” participation in this “ag/food systems literacy - mock pizza business,” activities, participants will work in teams to develop ideas on adapting the program to fit their educational goals. 

“Slice to Soil Demo” (soil conservation is at the heart of the Earth and the Pizz-A-Thon). *

Web site and Computer Files for workshop use.

  1. Activities-Review of materials from the past 20 years of experience, reaching over 6,000 youth.
  2. Organizing a Pizz-A-Thon in any community: Review of optional activities based on local needs, priorities and time restraints.
  3. Creation of a pizza recipe and marketing proposal: After deciding on the ingredients and name of your new pizza, place your pizza or pizzeria name and logo on a visual and develop a short marketing strategy.
  4. Team marketing reports and soil experiment hypothesis: logo, jingle, song, discounts, commercial, cost of a slice of your prize pizza? *Best description of how the planting of crops in sand vs. top soil and expected outcome relates to soil conservation and water quality.
  5. Adapt to fit: Teams develop ideas on adapting the program to fit their educational goals. Of special interest, how would you introduce the program to youth groups and who would facilitate the program? Where would you test the program to determine potential?

Select One Or More Topic Areas and Develop Activities/Lessons

Name your pizza with (marketing in mind). Identify best combination of ingredients for your team’s “prize pizza”, trace those ingredients from slice to soil, describe how farmers use land to grow crops and support livestock and the importance of soil and water in raising crops and livestock. Trace the journey …soil to slice…through growing, transporting, processing, and marketing.

___Health-Food Science-recipe "best pizza for future" include calculating calories of one slice of the teams’ “prize pizza” & the exercise to burn off the calories of their slice and …. Add research food science activities such as comparing processed to fresh ingredients relating to health, comparing various ingredients as most nutritious, chemistry in developing new cheese and dough for pizza, packaging to preserve ingredients and maintain flavor and texture from source to pizza, researching a new combination of ingredients with favorable taste, plan ingredients in a garden to harvest for pizza, link to food groups, understand seasonal growing periods for local ingredients, oven design for pizza, analyze food allergies...and

___Math-research –one on one, focus group and telephone surveys (charts and graphs) for preference of pizza, calculate profit of team “mock pizza business," analyze production costs affecting profit margins, and ….

___Social Science-Ag-tracing pizza ingredients from "slice to farm" processes and careers and studying the soil, crop and livestock interrelationship and….. savings of energy and expense in using farmers market fresh ingredients vs. ingredients transported, harvesting ingredients in a more sustainable method, genetic selection regarding hardness of tomato skin, geography of where pizza originated,..and

___Earth Science-experiment comparing growth of crops in topsoil vs sand in Plexiglas observation boxes, exploring & discovering value of soil and water conservation, recycling for sustainability and…

___Art-develop pizza name, logo and place mat as part of marketing strategy and…

___Language Arts-develop 5 min. Team Marketing report-Presentation, design Facebook page for business, use persuasive writing, add music and jingle, use oral language to develop and record a commercial promoting the project....and…

___ Other Subjects you would want added: (explain)

  1. Team Reports
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