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Insert picture hereWhat's New T'aking the Pizz-A-Thon to a New Level?

Arizona - The Pizz-A-Thon, teachers and sponsors are working to create the program to enhance kid's opportunities through science in are areas of health, agriculture, conservation and the environment under the direction of Callista Kukawski, Mesa, AZ

Iowa - The Pizz-A-Thon is helping to create a new program to help underprivileged kids and kids without parents to have a meaningful life! The nonprofit foundation will be called "Kids Deserve Better," and the program is under the direction of Jacob Kluesner.

Insert picture hereTexas - Three connections are in place linked to Arizona and Iowa, to include further development of the Pizz-A-Thon for "home school" families in Dallas and Houston.

GOAL - We can embrace all children, providing a healthy meaningful life like our grandchildren are now enjoying in Dallas.

Through the Pizz-A-Thon kids prepare to serve others "in school" and "after school in clubs and church youth groups" addressing world hunger through sustainable agriculture.

'Train our child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it." Proverbs 22.6

Down sizing and cleaning out my files is new to me!

Sarah Russell's Science Class: Following are a few quotes from letters the Echo Hill 4th graders sent to thank me in 2015 and 16. I started to clean out my files and had a difficult time discarding the letters so I thought I would preserve some of their special messages: They all start with Dear Eldon, (by the way, I haven't changed their spelling.)

"I enjoyed learning how things got on my pizza. I did not know that a head of wheat we develop 20 to 40 seeds or kernels.I just can not believe you have been doing this over 20 years. Thank you so much for starting the Pizza-thon, I really enjoyed it." Kyla

"Thank you for making the pizzathon, without it we would not now were the ingredents come from, it was fun! I was nervos when it was my turn to talk in front of the judges but I did it, my mom and I practiced the words that were hard for me to pronounce. Thank you for the idea of the pizzathon." Emily

"Sadly I couldn't join in for pizzathon because I was sick and I had to go to my great grandma's funerl. But for the times I was there for pizza then we had the best times of my life and I like to thank you for enventing pizzathon. Your friend Lucy

"Thank you for creating the pizzathon. I have a future career for you and it is a teacher! Justin

"Thank you for starting what we all love, the Pizz-a-thon. My favrat part was presenting to you and watching the judges enjoy the pizzas. My other faveret part was also eating the pizza. If you didn't come up with the idea then we would not be eating pizza. Thank you Eldon, I thank you so much! Did you like being at Echo Hill? I wish we could do it in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade! Your pizza loving friend Layla, P.S. I would like to know you! Please wright back!"  Layla

"Thank you for making the pizzathon. I learned that pigs arent cross animals. You  are the best for making the awesome, coolest ever so fun Pizzathon! From a pizzathon loving person: Shariah

"I learned that working as a team can be fun even on bad times, sad times and happy times. Thank you for making the pizzathon it unleshed the creator inside me." Anastaaia P.S. "I love love love ISU, my parents went there and fell in love there!"

"Thank you for letting Mrs. Russell's class do the pizzathon. What I enjoyed most was when you was anousing the winners because are group got secont place. Also thank you for creating the pizzathon, I would never of had this much fun without it. Your very thankful friend" Gwendolyn

"Thank you for making the Pizza-thon, and I might not be talking just for me but for everyone, but the Pizza-thon was awome! Maybe my team didn't win but we had fun! You can open a restrunt and let kids do the fun of making pizza!"Cris

"Thank you for taking your time to come in and help judge. That was really nice of you. I am so glad I got to do pizza-thon. My favorite part of pizza-thon was baking the ingredients. I found out a lot of things about pizza that I never knew before. I'm so glad you invented the pizza-thon. I also loved speaking and presenting in front of judges! I've never done that before. Sausage and Pepporoni are really interesting ingredients and there also my favorite pizza topping" Sincerely Molly

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