Order Pizz-A-Thon Materials and Awards

Order Pizz-A-Thon Lesson Plans and Materials

To order materials for the Awards Ceremony, fill out the information below! The first section is for awarding kids based on the extent of their sales. The Pizz-A-Thon T Shirt section is the beginning of materials and awards needed to implement the program:

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Shipping Information
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Order Form (next 2 items for kids fundraising medals)
Following Fund Raising Campaign: To credit kids who located donors( face to face and online) please send us the following information:
First Name of Fundraiser:  
Name of Contributor:  
Donated Amount::  
Awards Materials Order Form (kids fund raising)
Please provide the numbers of medals for your class/club below:
Danc’in Beef-n-Cheddar:  
Kids who collect $20-$49  
Sausage Rock-n-Roll:  
Kids who collect $50-$74  
Garden Delight:  
Kids who collect $75-499  
Chicken Alfredo:  
Kids who collect $100-$199  
Supreme ($200):  
Kids who collected $200 or more and any who obtain some of their donations on the web site www.pizz-a-thon.com  
Art Contest Winner:  
2nd Place Winner:  
Third Place Winner:  
Pizz-A-Thon T-Shirts
Please specify how many t-shirts and sizes you wish to order at $20 each. Polo shirts $25 each.
Adult Sizing
Youth Sizing
Additional Materials
Please specify the number of materials you wish to order to the right of each product. Consider a Starter Kit (lessons, facilitator guide and an experiment box) for $50 (includes postage).
Curriculum Starter Kit:  
Free with order of $100 or more.  
Soil Boxes (Filled):  
$25 each  
Soil Boxes (Unfilled):  
$20 Each  
$10 Each  
Medals (recognizing kids based on extent of sales):  
$10 Each  
$1 Each.  
Please Note:
TEACHERS/LEADERS WITH KIDS GENERATING FUNDS: Your cost of order will be deducted from your 25% commission (Your kids earned) and the balance will be sent to you in the form of a check. The price list is applicable not only to child sales initiative but also sponsor supported Pizz-A-Thon or for anyone who wants to purchase the materials. Shipping and handling fee will be based on weight and size of order. Please specify t shirt or polo shirt order.
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