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 Kids Deserve Better Foundation 

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Mission Statement

Kids Deserve Better is a not-for-profit program dedicated to serving families suffering from lost or ailing loved ones. Through community events and program sponsors, we strive to provide comfort and closure to those in need during such life changing events.

The "Kids Deserve Better" committee held their first meeting on Nov. 10, 2016 to begin planning the future of this new program. We project the program will be "statewide" in 5 years and "international" in 10 years. We are looking for families with children to assist in the development of this new charity for children program. See Face Book Kids Deserve Better Iowa. E. Weber

The Kids Deserve Better Foundation is being created to serve as a charity, benefiting families unfortunate enough to suffer from bad health. The program rallies around those who are willing and able to lend a helping hand, focusing on local individuals and families in need. Program Director Jacob Kluesner, is passionate in his dream to help kids in need, as he has experienced difficult childhood experiences, through family health problems and loss of parents. The Pizz-A-Thon Partnership is designed to develop youth leadership in making a better world for children.


The Pizz-A-Thon’s success is attributed to a partnership of educators, organizations, government and business who have contributed.  The program has been evolving over a 20 year period and has developed into a “state of the art” educational model as was prescribed in the original Iowa State University-Kellogg Foundation “Vision 2020” Program. Through this educational model aimed to be in place by the Year 2020 it is our goal to have the “Kids Deserve Better” program in place, making life better for children in need! Pizz-A-Thon author Eldon Weber has been coordinator of the program reaching over 6,000 kids, recently linking to the State of Arizona being coordinated by Callista Kukawski.

"Through the Pizz-A-Thon activities, kids experience life skills and positive values, in discovering self-worth."

If you know of children or families who you would like to assist through our organization, please email Jacob Kluesner ( or Eldon Weber (

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