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Grant Package

Teacher Options For Funding the Pizz-A-Thon

The schools where the Pizz-A-Thon has been in place for years have sponsors who have paid an annual sponsorship fee between $500 and $2,000. Another option for funding (see "Kids Earn & Serve page) where kids take ownership and are inspired!

Teachers and other educators who want to establish the Pizz-A-Thon can use the following application to recruit sponsors for implementing the program. As an example, a sponsor who pays an annual sponsorship fee of $500 will entitle the teacher to a $100 stipend.

Sponsor Application

The application below can be used as shown or revised to fit your needs in covering costs of materials and awards or for a workshop to train the trainers for 'in school or after school" programs. This also allows for a teacher stipend to facilitate implementation.

Sponsor Name_______________________ Contact _______________ Email _________________

Address __________________________________  Tel#________________  Date ____________


Grant Details: (Each $500 grant typically is based on a teacher/leader with 20 to 30 youth).

$100 will be provided to the teachers/educator and the other $400 will go to cover the cost of materials and awards (facilitator guide, 4 Plexiglas plant/root observation boxes for teams’ use in exploring and discovering the need for soil and water conservation, 6 t shirts for the winning team and winner of the logo contest, and 30 blue ribbons).

Levels of sponsorship:                         _____BRONZE $500  (I teacher-impacting 20-30 youth)

                                                            _____SILVER $1,000  (2 teachers impacting 40-60 students)

                                                            _____GOLD $1,500 (3 teachers impacting 60-90 students)

                                                            _____ OTHER $______

Sponsorship Level ________________Amount of Annual Sponsorship Fee _*$_______________

*Make check out to Pizzathon Partnership, send to 4001 Fletcher Blvd., Ames, IA 50010


Teacher Application

Name.________________________________ Address____________________________________

Name of School, Club, Home School ___________________________

Address _____________________________________________

Home Tel. #________________,      Work Tel. #, ___________________  Email________________    

Grade, ____ age of children____, number of children _____ to be involved   Sizes of the 6 t shirts:

Applicant Intent

The Pizz-A-Thon will be carried out during the following months:*________________________

* (To allow time for the Pizzathon Partnership to ship quantities of materials needed.)

Explain your intentions in carrying out the program on the back of this page. Include in your explanation how you would implement the program this year and in the future if funding was available to you for a yearly program.

Time is of essence…chose duration of program based on your time constraints:

3 hours___, 3 days___, 3 weeks___, 3months___, other___(explain). The ideal time for the typical program is 1 period per week for 3 months and integrate core subjects into the Pizzathon structure (science, art, Math, health, social studies, Ag, language arts). Team teaching is ideal through cooperative independent student learning.

Whether team teaching or single discipline, use Pizz-A-Thon to enrich core learning

Mark the lessons/activities of most interest to you and add other activities of interest to you:

___Math-research -Survey for preference of pizza and….

___Health-food science-recipe "best pizza for future" include calories & exercise to burn calories and ….

___Social Science-Ag-tracing pizza ingredients from "slice to farm" processes and careers and studying the soil, crop and livestock interrelationship and….

___Earth Science-experiment comparing growth of crops in topsoil vs sand, exploring and discovering the value of soil and water conservation and…

___ Art develop pizza name, logo and place mat as part of marketing strategy and…

___Math-calculate profit of team “mock pizza business" and …

___Language Arts-develop 5 min. Team Marketing report-Presentation and…

___Kids look forward to recognition for their accomplishments in awards ceremony! and…

___ Other Subjects you would want added: (explain)

A teacher/student outcome evaluation will be required.

Explain how you would conduct the course and how you would collect data for outcomes in evaluating the effectiveness of the program.

___________________                           _____________

         Signature                                                            Date


Email for materials & awards, if more is needed than described above. 

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