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Boys & Girls Club Smokin' Oak Pizz-A-Thon

The first "Smokin's Oak - Boys & Girls Club Pizz-A-Thon" was held at the new Ames pizzeria on Lincoln Way across the street from Iowa State University...the birthplace of the program in 1995. Fourteen kids from the Boys & Girls Club made up of three teams participated in baking their new team created pizzas and preparing them in the "wood fired oven" . While one team was preparing their pizza and baking it for 90 seconds in the wood-fired oven, a second team presented their marketing reports to the judges. Following the marketing presentation the first team presented their newly created pizza to the judges for tasting. All teams did a superb job in their first Pizz-A-Thon. During the summer, the kids were preparing for the event, researching to discover their ingredients were traced through several careers and finally to the fam, plants, livestock and soil. They used the Internet and social media for researching and creating their marketing reports. Kids were presented t shirts, ribbons and the winning team, medallions. Following the competition, all participants and audience enjoyed a pizza party. All involved seemed to think the event could not have been improved based on the fact it was the first! The Ames Breakfast Lions Club is very appreciative of their partnership with Smokin' Oak' wood-fired Pizza!

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