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Adapt Pizz-A-Thon for School, 4-H, FFA, K-8, Scouts, Lions, Boys & Girls Club

The Piz-A-Thon is k-12 multi-subject agriculture literacy experiential learning program adapted for a wide variety of learning styles.

The program has been developed and tested over a 20 period in grades K-8. Other opportunities to test in youth groups:

Kids have fun learning and developing leadership skills in school and in after school programs such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Boys & Girls Clubs, FFA, 4H and church youth group. Scouts can earn rank and merit badges in the mock pizza business where teams of kids research, explore, develop and market a pizza for the future.  So they better understand where their food comes from, they trace each pizza ingredient back to the soil, through marketing, processing, distribution and growing with the final destination the soil..."slice to soil". They experiment in comparing the growth of planted seeds in sand vs. top soil, and discover the importance of soil and water conservation. The program is hosted by the Lions Club, 501 c3 organization where donations are tax deductible.



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