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Table top display & team created pizza, Cedar Rapids,Saint Ludmila* School

(5 minute Team marketing presentation)

 MULITI FACET – Schools, Home School, *Ag in Classroom, Boys & Girls Club, Lions Family Org.

*2018-2020 Farm Bureau will partner to strengthen "Ag in Classroom" version.

                                                                          Enrichment Curriculum

Entice: Taste and identify a slice of pizza,

Engage: While blindfolded identify toppings (test new combinations -sweet, salty, spicy, crunchy)

Encourage: Using team effort, develop self-worth, and learn value of cooperative learning

Explore: Using plant/root observation box, discover soil health, water quality, & origin of pizza toppings

Enhance: Incentives-ribbons, t-shirts polo shirts, medallions, metals, publicity, trip to farms

Explain: Orally, in writing and visually assist team in explaining project highlights and conclusions

Elaborate: Market, publicize “mock pizza business” and identify careers and educational requirements

Evaluate: Analyze profits, Individuals and team are evaluated to include judging a 5 minute presentation-

Extend: Consider linking to H.S. (SAE) FFA or 4H agriculture projects, demonstrate at family night/fair

Enjoy: Kids evaluations always include: “We take pride in creating, working in teams & tasting our product!”


-The program was evaluated each year for 20 years and improvements made concurrently.


-Don’t lose sight of the origin: ISU Vision 2020 and the partnerships that were essential!

REVIEWS Program Popularity Quotes

1 A school principal in East Moline, “I conducted a student survey to help determine where we would make program budget cuts – their response-not Pizz-A-Thon as it is the most popular program we have.’


2 “The growing experiment with the plant/root observation boxes was most important when we realized only 3% of the Earth’s surface produces most of our food, making soil and water conservation so important!”-


3 “I can’t wait until next year when I can get a Pizz-A-Thon t-shirt like my sister did this year!”


4 “The thing I like most about the program, we take pride in creating a product and then get to eat it!’


5 “I realized how important math was in school after we had to determine cost and profit of our pizza!’


6 “It is really cool to get recognized and earn awards and t-shirts!”


7 “One of the most enjoyable parts of the program was working as a team!”


8 From a mother- her family won the Marion District Home School Pizz-A-Thon, “It was such a great program for all our children as research assignments was given to the kids based on their comprehension level. The hands- on work in testing different flours for our pizza was special as we ground different grains in comparing the best crust.’


9 “So good for Special Ed students (year around) and an incentive for (after school) Talented and Gifted.”



The cost of reaching an estimated 10,000 students in the last 20 years is $5.00 per child.


Funding sources – Major; Vision 2020 (Kellogg Foundation) Happy Joes Pizza, Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, Pioneer, Linn, Scott and Rock Island County Farm Bureaus, and Linn Soil and Water Conservation District.


Ames Lions Pizzathon Partnership (6 year)- Story County Boys & Girl’s Club- Leopold Center, Story Community Foundation, Story Soil and Water Conservation District, Country Plastics, Smokin Oak Pizza

Lions Partnership Fund Balance as of 7/1/19 -$347.10


Goals 2019-2020

Test Home School Pizz-A-Thon in central Iowa.

  -Enhance soil health and water quality experiential exploratory activities in the program.

-Develop a Prototype “Ag in the Classroom Pizz-A-Thon” ine partnership with Region 8 Farm Bureau, beginning with Linn, Buchanan and Delaware County Farm Bureaus.

-Develop a Lions Family Branch Organization for youth leadership development.



Sponsors and Donate. Make donor or sponsorship checks to:  Pizzathon Partnership,  4001 Fletcher Blvd.  Ames, Iowa 50010



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