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                                                    Kids Create "Mock Pizza" Business 



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Help Add Science Standards

Preserving Soil-Water Resources!

 "Kids research problems of soil erosion & water pollution." Learning through experience (mock pizza business). "Student Research"  "Presented at National "Ag in the Classroom"Convention, Phoenix 


Ag in Classroom Workshop

Ag in Classroom Workshop teachers preparing to eat their newly created pizza. See Workshops for an "Online Workshop" and grants. Email e1935w@aol.com for grant and workshop opportunities.


Largest Pizz-A-Thon in 20 years!

Largest Pizz-A-Thon ever held at Echo Hill 4th Grade on March 9, 2017. 116 students, 24 teams, 24 pizzas! Congratualtions!  DONATE   





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